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New Pallets - Connaught Timber Products manufacture new wooden pallets for distribution throughout Ireland. Our large stock of pallets enables us to provide a quick response to customers requirements. New pallets are built to your precise specification and requirements, taking into account your required load bearing.

They are manufactured to a consistent standard and specification for use in your distribution centre. Made to measure pallets maximise your available space both in your warehouse and during distribution.

Examples of commonly used pallets are as follows -

Two-way Entrys
  • Two-way entry pallets - Non-reversible pallets have only two entry points front and back. Two-way pallets are generally more durable than a 4-way pallet design. All sizes available.
  • Solid deck pallet - two-way entry, fully reversible pallet. Solid deck pallets come in all sizes and are also available as non-reversible. All sizes available.
  • A heavy duty two-way entry pallet, fully reversible and constructed to withstand lots of use. An ideal pallet for stacking more than one high. All sizes available.
Four-way Entrys
  • This is our most versatile and widely used pallet as it is easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces. The pallet has 4 points of entry and can be loaded into trucks and racking from the short side to utilise space. This pallet is non-reversible and can therefore be used with a hand pallet truck. Four-way pallets are also available with full perimeter base. All sizes available.
ISPM15 PalletsPallets Ireland, New Pallets Ireland, Customised Crates Ireland
  • Connaught Timber Products are licensed to produce ISPM 15 Pallets using heat treated boards. Each pallet is then stamped with our own unique number providing full traceability in the supply chain. Heat treated pallets are required when shipping to countries such as China, Australia and Japan
Customised Crates
  • Connaught Timber Products specialise in customised cases, crates and boxes. All our products can be ISPM-15 Certified and are produced to suit your individual needs. Our crates can be constructed using hinges or any other required accessories and hardware attachment. Crating service available on or off site.
Reconditioned Pallets
  • Standard size recycled pallets are a cost effective way of storing/distributing your goods when a specialist size & specification is not required. Not only cost effective to you, recycled pallets are also environmentally friendly. All recycled pallets are fully reconditioned, having damaged boards and blocks stripped off and rebuilt returning them to a serviceable condition, at a fraction of the cost of new pallets.
Pallet Collars

1st Grade One Board Heat Treated Pallet Collars available in a variety of sizes.

Pallet collars are used –Pallet Collar 1

1. In the warehouse delivering

  • A safe, neat and tidy warehouse environment
  • A practical way to securely store goods at height
  • An economical reusable storage solution

2. On the road ensuring

  • A secure way to protect goods in transit
  • Easy to collapse for the return trip
  • Centre-hinged solution for flat packing

Matching Lids also available.




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Connaught Timber Now Offer Specialised Pallets / Custom Made Wooden Crates

 Connaught Timber Products are now producing custom made wooden shipping containers, storage boxes, skids and non-standard crating solutions. Beginning with a complementary design and consulting service, we suggest tailor made wood packaging solutions to best suit your product. Once a design is agreed, our carpentry team will custom build your wooden crates.
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