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NuLife Woodchip Colour Enhanced Mulch

to one which is aesthetically pleasing and complemented with colour.
by proving unfavourable conditions for germination of weed seeds as well as acting as a physical barrier.
by reducing moisture lost upon direct evaporation from the ground - therefore improving water availability to shallow roots.
by insulating the soil against high summer temperatures and winter freezing.
upon decomposition as nutrients and humus are integrated into the soil.
Connaught Timber Products introduced this American concept to Ireland to provide an end product for its pallet waste wood. Colour enhanced wood chip mulch is extremly popular in the States and can be found in most neighbourhoods throughout the US.
After perfecting the manufacturing process, Connaught Timber Products launched their product under the NuLife logo. NuLife Wood Chip Colour Enhanced Mulch is now the preferred choice of some of Irelands leading garden designers and landscapers.
NuLife wood chip mulch is manufactured using 100% select recycled timber and natural colorants. Having examined the lifecycle of our mulch, Enterprise Ireland, the Irish government's trade and technology board, awarded NuLife an Environmentally Superior Product status.
Tests carried out by Teagasc, the Irish agriculture and food development authority, concluded that NuLife wood chip mulch has no adverse effects on plant life.
Easy to apply, NuLife wood chip mulch is suitable for beds, borders, rockeries, shrubberies, window boxes, roundabouts, road islands etc. NuLife wood chip mulch is sold direct (email or call us now) in 75 litre bags each covering approximately one square metre to a depth of 75mm (3"). NuLife wood chip mulch can also be bought in bulk. Nationwide delivery.
How does NuLife wood chip mulch differ from bark mulch? 
NuLife mulch is manufactured from solid wood chip and is more dense than bark mulch, it therefore holds its colour longer and is less likely to blow away. Wood chip is also cleaner than most bark products.
What colour is NuLife wood chip? 
harvest brown mulchAt present, NuLife wood chip mulch is screened to remove oversize. It is available in Harvest Brown.
Is NuLife wood chip mulch suitable for use in playgrounds?
To comply with regulations, we have produced a similar product in a finer consistancy to BS:EN 1177 :1998 standard. See Playground Surfacing
How long does the colour last?
We recommend NuLife wood chip mulch be raked after 12 months to refresh the colour. NuLife colour begins to fade after approximately 18 months. After this time the mulch can be replenished with smaller quantities of fresh NuLife.
How should NuLife wood chip mulch be applied?
  1. Carry out any planting, weeding or other soil cultivation.
  2. Ensure the soil is loose and moist
  3. Spread NuLife wood chip mulch over the soil to a depth of 50mm - 75mm (2" - 3")

Heavy clay soils will not require as much cover as loose sandy soils. Although a membrane, e.g. Plantex geotextile material, can be applied beneath the loose mulch, a mulch mat is not a requirement.

Depth of NuLife Mulch application: 50mm (2") -  75 mm (3")

Divide square metre area by 1.5 1

e.g. To cover a plot 5 metres by 3 metres
1. 5 multiplied by 3 = 15 square metres to cover
2. Depth of application = 50mm
3. 15 divided by 1.5 = 10 bags of NuLife mulch required

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